In its conclusions of 2008 the Council of the European Union (EU) called for the setting up of European Disaster Management Training Arrangements (EUDMTA). The overall objective of the network is to enhance all phases of Disaster Management (prevention, preparedness, response and recovery) from major natural and man-made disasters, taking also into account adaptation and mitigation to climate change, and activities such as resilience and disaster risk reduction. Based on this the European Commission (EC) intends to support the setting up and facilitation of a network in the disaster management training domain. To this end the EC commissioned this study to AETS with the objective to explore different options and define the legal, financial and institutional aspects of a network which achieves the objectives of ? Advocating for an integrated approach to disaster management training; ? Diversifying and further developing the European disaster management training; ? Putting together national schools and institutes dealing with disaster management; ? Encouraging cooperation between the DM-TRAINET and other training networks; ? Sharing and disseminating best practices and research findings; ? Promoting synergies between civil protection and humanitarian aid; ? Establishing links with Universities, the research community, and humanitarian actors; ? Developing and maintaining a disaster management culture of a qualitative high standard. The specific objective of our study was to provide the Commission with analysis, critical assessment and network development suggestions in order to: ? Better coordinate the activities and initiatives in the disaster management training domain; ? Enhance the synergies among stakeholders in the same field.

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