Technical and Vocational Education is considered to be a potential area to be included into a new Country Strategy Paper (CSP) and Multiannual Indicative Programme (MIP 2014-2020). In 2012, Belarus carried out a self-assesment of the Vocational Education and training system as part of the European Training Foundation’s exercise for evidence-based policy making called Torino Process. The Ministry of Education invests major effort into strengthening cooperation between vocational education stakeholders and employers both in policy development and at school level. Belarus is looking for solutions for the growing increasing imbalance of labour market supply and demand, in 2013 the focus will be on enhancement of capacity to generate policy evidence and implement quality assurance measures in VET through institutionalization of the evidence based policy making approach. The global objective of the project is to improve quality assurance in Vocational Education and Training in Belarus. More specifically, to identify needs and priority areas in TVET for future support to Belarus within the CSP 2014-2020 and MIP 2014-2017 and to provide an expertise in elaborating a concept and setting up a comprehensive institutional approach in Belarus to quality assurance in VET in the framework of ETF country programme. AETS will carry out a study covering needs and priority areas in TVET for future support to Belarus within the CSP 2014-2020 and MIP 2014-2017 focusing on the following: a) To assess needs and possible areas of EU support and relevant stakeholders in the field of TVET in Belarus b) To prepare a review of the current EU trends as the basis of improvement of the education systems’ quality and approaches to quality assurance of VET at both system and provision levels c) To elaborate a comprehensive overview of the concept and the process of implementation of the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework (EQARF) and related instruments d)To provide an insight into how the EQARF has been implemented in the EU Member States and with what impact e)To contribute to the stakeholder discussions facilitated by ETF in Belarus with the aim of national VET quality assurance concept and programme development f)With guidance from ETF, consult national counterparts on the potential application of the EQARF principles and the related instruments in the national context of the Republic of Belarus g)To prepare, in consultation with ETF and the national counterparts and VET experts, of the national concept including the road map and the action steps for the implementation of the institutional quality assurance approach for TVET in Belarus.

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