The European Union is a leading player in the field of democracy support and the largest donor in the area of the Electoral Assistance with an average of over 100 million EUR/year.   This project builds upon the conclusions of a preliminary study which has compared 30 electoral assistance projects in various countries, categorizing performance indicators used respectively by EC and UNDP in the Log frames and PRODOCs.   The identification of appropriate performance indicators in the complex area of support to electoral processes is a requirement of outmost importance in project design, management and evaluation in this area and the need of pertinent “tools” for the Project Managers at European Commission Headquarters as well as in EU Delegations is needed.   The aim of this project is to produce tools, reinforce knowledge sharing instruments and mobilise expertise to assist relevant staff in EU Delegations with project formulation of democracy support projects, particularly in the design of high quality and effective logical frameworks and performance indicators for EC-UNDP electoral assistance projects and EU parliamentary support projects.   The main components of the project are: • To develop methodological guidelines on the process by which performance indicators for electoral assistance projects and parliamentary support projects are identified. • To establish a standard set of performance indicators that shall be available for electoral assistance and parliamentary support's projects formulators to draw from, as appropriate to the project objectives and activities. • To provide guidance on appropriate target-setting by making available comparative electoral assistance data between projects and countries. • To carry out a comparative electoral assistance projects' impact analysis, including the reasons for eventual success or failure to achieve expected results. • To mobilise an Expert advisory service in the field of electoral and parliamentary assistance, to assist DEVCO/D1 in addressing specific issues and contributing to relevant formulation and assessment exercises carried out in the field. • Strengthen the democracy support exchange via the Capacity4DEV website.  

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