Public sector corruption is a subject of major concern in Armenia. International organisations and Civil Society have increasingly voiced their criticism at the inability of ail stakeholders to tackle the issue. The global objective of the assignment is to support the EU Delegation in better understanding the situation of anti-corruption policies and actions as well as formulating recommendations pertinent to the Armenian context. The specific objectives are the following: 1/ Undertake a situation analysis: - Situation analysis of actors, structures, processes and direct actions in anti-corruption in Armenia - Analysis of the legislative framework, including actors, structures and systems of all branches of the judiciary and assessment of its relevance in order to tackle anti-corruption in Armenia; - Assessment of the results and impact of the Government's "anti-corruption" strategy and action plan 2009-2012 2/ Recommendations on anti-corruption policies/actions: - Specific recommendations targeted at the EU, on measures that would effectively reduce corruption centrally and in Armenian regions (marzes), according to best international practices, taking into account current actions by other actors and also taking into account types of corruption; 3/ Organise seminars and debates in order to raise awareness, discuss issues and induce solutions

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