Within the framework of PLEAD (Programme for Legal Empowerment and Aid Delivery), the European Commission is developing an integrated approach at central and local level aimed at equality of all before the law, through improved access to and the expeditious delivery of justice, particularly in high-risk counties in Kenya. In this context, and in close cooperation with the EU Delegation in the country and the Department of Justice (Project Steering Committee), the global objective of the EU funded project, “Short Term preparatory TA to the Department of Justice of Kenya”, was to contribute to the smooth start-up and implementation of the PLEAD programme. More specifically, AETS’ team facilitated the inception and the kick-off of the direct decentralised operations component (i.e. the programme estimates) of outcome 1 (Enhanced access to legal aid, in particular for the poor and vulnerable) and contributed to the overall integration of this component in the programme. The project ran until December 2017.

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