Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is heavily contaminated with landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERW), largely as a result of the 1992 – 1995 conflict related to the break-up of the Social Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. A recent evaluation of the EU mine action sector programme in BiH highlighted weaknesses in planning and implementation along with strategy targets being consistently missed. Given the EU’s role as a key donor in the field, any withdrawal would have negative impact; it is thus recommended that the EU continues to fund mine action in BiH at existing or increased levels. In line with the characteristics of a ‘self-evaluation’, AETS was nominated by the EU Delegation to BiH to determine the extent to which projects have succeeded in meeting EU objectives as set out in the Country Strategy Paper and to what extent the projects have increased the Government’s ability to meet its objectives within the framework of cooperation with the EU. The exercise focused not only on the individual projects being evaluated, but also on their overall achievements. The overall objectives of this self-evaluation were to: • Provide the EU with information to make an informed judgement about the past performance of different projects in line with DAC criteria, (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency impact and sustainability), document lessons learned and provide recommendations for follow-up action. The specific objectives of this evaluation are to: • Assess the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of projects by indicating the extent to which the results, purposes and overall objectives were achieved; • Provide a comparative assessment of efficiency, effectiveness and impact of EU interventions, including strengths and weaknesses of implementation methods; • Identify and document lessons learned, focusing on design, implementation and management in order to improve programming and identification of future actions; • Provide recommendations for practical follow-up action with an emphasis on sustainability.

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