Support to the accession process in Albania is provided through the "Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance" (IPA) whose overall objective is to enhance and improve the public institutions and services, promote good governance and to reinforce the political, economic and judicial structures in Albania. In order to verify the impact, efficiency and effectiveness of actions financed under CARDS and IPA assistance, AETS experts undertook this ex-post evaluation aimed also at assessing lessons learned and identifying areas of improvement of its financial assistance to Albania. The evaluation was based on a targeted sampling of completed projects considered as representative of various priority areas and sectors and financed from any of the instruments whose implementation is delegated to the EU Delegation to Albania. With this contract, AETS contributed to the continuous improvement of the quality of the Commission’s development assistance to Albania. Experts established lessons learned and measurements of achievement in support to improvements of on-going programmes as well as providing an accountability outline of value-for-money and use of CARDS/IPA funds and the identification of areas of improvements to financial assistance to Albania. The specific objectives of this evaluation were to identify both strengths and weaknesses in the design, performance and management of the selected projects in the following fields: vineyard cadastre, metrology, good governance, market surveillance, transport, environmental monitoring, veterinary service, ICT equipment.

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