The Policy Forum on Development is the result of a Structured Dialogue, which brings together Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Local Authorities (LAs) from the European Union and partner countries with European Institutions and bodies. It constitutes a multi-stakeholder space for dialogue on development issues at EU Headquarters level, within a defined scope. The global objective of the review was to take stock of 2 years of working of the PFD platform and to formulate, where necessary, recommendations for improvement. The specific objective of the review was to assess the progress achieved so far, identify strengths, weaknesses and constraints encountered, and draw key lessons and recommendations that will inform decisions to improve the ways of working and efficiency of the PFD in the future in order to reach its objectives, within its defined scope, and confirm the extension of the PFD. A distinction was made between short term recommendations that could be put into practice during the new phase of the PFD (as of 2016) and longer-term recommendations to be addressed in future dialogue with civil society and local authority stakeholders. The review was based on an analysis of all documents and reports produced by the PFD, on the original charter and the way it hads been implemented, and on the feedback received from the Task Team and all other stakeholders involved.

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