With the entry into force of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement in April 2009 and granting of the status of candidate country to the European Union (EU) in June 2014, Albania has entered into a far reaching and comprehensive contractual relation with the EU. The Commission needs to strengthen its knowledge and understanding of developments taking place in key areas of Albania's integration process. The global objective of this contract is to enhance the Commission's knowledge and understanding of developments taking place in Albania in the Internal Market and European Standards areas and addressing the outstanding commitments under the SAA. The specific objective of this framework contract is to produce special analytical reports on legislative, policy and institutional reforms/developments taking place in the areas such as rights of establishment and freedom to provide services, intellectual property rights, competition, public procurement and concessions, as well as consumer and health protection. Such reports must also include information on the implementation of the relevant SAA provisions, the European Partnership priorities as well as relevant issues of concern defined in the document of Commission's Opinion for Albania, November 2010 and the EC Progress Reports on Albania published during 2011-2014.

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