The Albanian Customs Administration s initiated a modernization project with a view to enhancing its operational capacities. In particular, the technical and operational capacities of the Anti-Contraband Directorate have been weak and have needed to be improved. In this regard, one of the priority objectives of the government was the intensive involvement of the Customs service in providing, inter alia, security in the fight against drug trafficking, ammunitions, stolen vehicles and human beings. In order to achieve this objective and to comply with the EU acquis in the field of Customs, the Albanian Customs Anti Contraband Directorate required Mobile Position Controls (MPCs) vehicles supplied with specific devices in order to undertake random, detailed controls of documents and goods on the road. This was to enable the former to adequately fulfil its functions and improve its performance. The global objective of this AETS consortium assignment was thus to ensure compliance with the reuqirements of the EU acquis in the field of customs. The specific objectives were to: 1. Improve the perofrmance of the Customs Anti Contraband Directorate 2. Prepare the needs assessment and technical spécifications for the planned purches of the specialised (Mobile Position Control) vehicles for the Anti-Contraband Directorate. 3. Prepare answers to specific clarifications and participate as assessors in the tender evaluation. 4. Support to project implementation.

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