The European Union Delegation to Sri Lanka and the Maldives launched a project called "Support to conflict affected people through housing - Sri Lanka" in 2010. The main objective was to support the resettled Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) by providing permanent houses, complementary infrastructure facilities and also some training opportunities in order to ensure sustainable development. The objective of this mid-term evaluation was to access the performance of the on-going housing project, the extent this project has achieved its objectives to date and also to propose key observations and recommendations to be incorporated into the implementation of the action. The specific objectives of this assignment were: • Verify the relevance of the on-going housing project under the Aid to Uprooted People (AUP) Program in line with the needs of the target populations and locations • Assess conformity with the NEHRP standards and the eligibility criteria • Assess the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the project to date, with regards to the respective objectives and results • Recommendations in order to support the effective implementation of the project during the remaining time period and to deliver the ultimate benefits to the beneficiaries. • Assess the activities of visibility, information sharing achieved to date and evaluate the level of communication and coordination among the other housing implementing agencies, donors, government authorities and the EU Delegation. • An evaluation of anticipated impact on the target group and other key stakeholders. • Identify any specific issues in the implementation - such as land tenure and land documentations. • Assess the lessons learned of the project. The expected results of this project were: An evaluation report assessing the performance of the above on-going project in terms of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability and regarding its anticipated impact; together with recommendations for the remaining implementation period.  

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