In 2010, Mauritania adopted a National Strategy for the Promotion of Civil Society, including a summary action plan. The important place of civil society in the development of countries is also included in the framework of the cooperation strategy between the countries of African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) and the European Union. The European Union Program for Civil Society and Culture (PESCC) is funded by the 10th European Development Fund. CCHP presents a number of innovations: (i) A tiered approach, depending on the level of CSOs targeted; (ii) A decentralized approach, (iii) The integration of a cultural support and craft support component. (iv) An approach to strengthen the Civil Society, Culture and Human Resources Departments. Arts and Crafts and Trades in the execution of their missions. The general objectives of the Program are: (i) the fight against poverty; (ii) the promotion of good governance; (iii) the development of the cultural sector. The specific objective was formulated as follows: Civil society, including cultural actors, has improved its role as a development actor and dialogue partner.

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