Through the Lusaka Transmission Distribution Rehabilitation Project (LTDRP), the European Union (EU) and the Government of Zambia (‘the Government’) will increase access to energy by connecting at least 63,000 new customers (households, social/public infrastructure and Micro Small Enterprises (MSEs)) in the greater Lusaka area. Recognising the female face of poverty, and the urgent need to create decent work opportunities in the peri-urban context, the project includes a component for Women Empowerment and MSEs in the low income high density areas of Mandevu, Kanyama, Ngwerere, Mtendere East, Nkoloma, Garden, Chawama, John Howard, Kalingalinga and Chainda. This component of the project shall be implemented through a Call for Proposals (CfP) with the aim to ensure that women benefitting from the subsidised electricity connections are capacitated to seize this new opportunity. The overall objective is to enable women benefitting from the subsidised electricity connections in the LTDRP target areas of Lusaka to have increased access to complementary services including credit facilities, productive use of electricity, business management and entrepreneurial skills training. A possible difficulty related to the project will be that the precise wording of CfP Guidelines can have a significant impact on the quantity and quality of proposals received. Sufficient time and attention should be allocated to the revision and ‘polishing’ of all modifiable text in the CfP Guidelines The aim of this assignment is to support the EU Delegation in the preparation of a CfP for Women Empowerment and MSEs Support in the project target areas. The team will adopt a collaborative and inclusive strategy focused on leveraging synergies that will ensure seamless delivery of proposed workable and time bound solutions. Each stage of the project marks the passage of an important step for the success of the mission and a moment of privileged communication between the experts and the DUE.

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