The global objective of the assignment was to carry out an evaluation of the achievements/impact of the EU-Russia Partnership for Modernisation (P4M) Programme. The P4M reflects the priorities of the EU-Russia Dialogues under the four EU-Russia Common Spaces (1.The Common Economic Space, covering economic issues and the environment; 2. The Common Space of Freedom, Security and Justice; 3.The Common Space of External Security, including crisis management and non-proliferation; 4.The Common Space of Research and Education, Including cultural aspects). Since 2010, the EU has allocated € 7 million for projects under the P4M Facility. The two broad areas have been trade facilitation through harmonisation of technical regulations and standardisation and strengthening of the rule of law. The specific objectives of this evaluation were: • To carry out an ex-post evaluation of completed projects under the EU-Russia P4M Programme; • To carry out an interim evaluation of the ongoing projects of the EU-Russia P4M Programme; • To assess the impact made both by the completed and ongoing projects; • To provide recommendations for future EU-Russia success oriented cooperation, in particular, in the framework of P4M Facility.

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