China's economic growth since the country’s accession to the WTO in 2001 has led a rapid expansion of the Chinese economy. Equally astonishing is China’s rise as a Research, Development and Innovation (RI) power with aspirations to excel on the world stage. The main European policy goals towards China in the fields of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) are to encourage, develop and facilitate cooperative activities in fields of common interest. To this effect an “EU-China S&T Partnership Agreement” has been signed in 2009 whereby Europe and China seek a balanced scientific, technological and innovation partnership. Moreover, within the EU’s strategy towards China, people-to-people contacts are rapidly gaining importance and status. To this end, the EU-China High Level People-to-People Dialogue (HPPD) to further contribute to enhancing mutual understanding and establishing closer links between European and Chinese people at large. In order to succeed, people-to-people contacts, mobility, networking and partnerships have been identified by all stakeholders as key elements beside a shared interest in RI challenges. However, the following problems have been hereby identified which shall be partially tackled with this Call for Proposals: 1. Insufficient level of collaboration between European and Chinese higher education institutions and research institutes; 2. Insufficient collaboration between European public and private sector stakeholders; 3. Insufficient numbers of European researchers working in China; 4. Inability of existing schemes to encourage mobility to China. The Action under this Call for Proposals is designed to tackle these problems by providing the means for promoting networking and partnerships between higher education and research organisations in the EU and in China. In this context, the EU Delegation to China has engaged a team of AETS consultants to support them to identify the project proposals that comply with the administrative and eligibility criteria and contribute best to achieving the objectives of the EU-China Research and Innovation Partnership. The specific objective is to provide services to the EU Delegation to China linked to the qualitative analysis - technical and financial assessment - of Concept Notes and Full Applications of the evaluation procedure.

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