As the rest of the Western Balkan region, Kosovo enjoys an enlargement perspective. The European Commission plays the key role in implementing this Policy, by providing sound policy advice and guidance to Kosovo's reform efforts. EU Regional Economic Development (EURED) is emerging in Kosovo as an important model for creating sustainable development in regions while, at the same time, helping to mitigate the social costs of transition, particularly by addressing unemployment. Under the EURED approach, five Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) have been established in December 2008 for co-ordinating different efforts, designing projects, mobilising both Government and donor funds, and to provide a vehicle for effectively implementing the economic development strategies of the economic regions. AETS Consortium has been retained to evaluate to which extent the EU co-financed regional development structures (RDAs and ARDA) and instruments (EURED Grant Schemes) in Kosovo have contributed to regional economic development of the country, and whether the further IPA programmes should continue financing the above-mentioned structures and instruments, with or without modifications of the approach. The specific objectives of this assignment was to assess: • Compatibility of the ARDA-RDA network to the needs of beneficiaries and stakeholders; • Feasibility and sustainability of the ARDA-RDA network from the perspective of national co-financing and ownership; • Relevance of the scope and profile of EURED Grant Schemes to the socio-economic development needs of Kosovo; • Sustainability of the results of EURED Grant Schemes

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