The global objective of this contract is to perform an impact evaluation of the reorganisation and personnel movements in selected Albanian public administration institutions. The specific objectives of this contract concern an evaluation of the following elements: • The justification for organisational changes; • The justification for personnel movements; • The impact of the organisational and personnel changes on the sustainability of EU funded capacity building undertakings. The team analysed organisational charts and required qualifications of the positions under the organisational charts; analysed the vacancy announcements and required qualifications regarding the qualifications for the vacant position; analyse the job descriptions and their consistency with the qualifications required and functions to be performed. The analysis addressed the justification(s) for the structural change(s), the justifications for changes in personnel and their qualifications, the compliance of the personnel movement's with the institutions' regulations governing the role, mission, process to be performed, job descriptions and the accompanying explanatory notes of the restructuring process. Lastly the above mentioned analysis will as well focus on the number of people trained in the framework of EU funded project which have been moved or dismissed in the reference period.

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