The objective of this assignment is to enhance the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of the Aid Programme to the Turkish Cypriot community” by means of providing a matrix of indicators to support possible intervention framework for 2014-2020 under the Aid Regulation 389/2006. The specific objectives of the evaluation will be: • Evaluation of methods of selection of indicators used for the programme from 2006-2013. • Definition of indicators that can be used to monitor overall social and economic development and progress of the assistance programme from 2014-2020. This specific objective has two sub-objectives: a) To check to what extent the programme is on-track to achieve ambitions in specific sectors/project areas b) To monitor general social and economic development of the Turkish Cypriot Community, including areas not specifically targeted by the programme • Establishment of baselines for selected indicators. The deliverable will be: A report on the selection of indicators for 2006-13 and lessons learned including a proposal for a matrix of indicators for the period up to 2020, with baselines

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