The EU has a long history of bilateral competition policy cooperation with China dating back to 2004 when DG Competition signed Terms of Reference for a structured Competition Dialogue with the Ministy of Commerce (Mofcom) . Since then DG Competition has built a relationship of relative trust with the Chinese Competition Agencies. The Dialogue predates the adoption of the Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) in 2007 and the setting up of the enforcement structure in 2008 with NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) and SAIC (State Administration of Industry and Commerce) in charge of antitrust enforcement. DG Competition's priority is to further develop existing dialogues to promote convergence of the Anti-Monopoly Law with generally recognised international standards. This is becoming all the more important as China has become a 'must visit jurisdiction' for global mergers alongside with the EU and the US. Also antitrust investigations by Chinese Agencies increasingly involve EU industry. Specific Activity Background : Competition Weeks : The EU-China competition weeks have been highly recognised by both interlocutors as the most effective technical support model to support China’s anti-monopoly law enforcement under the EU-China dialogue on competition policy. After 5 years of cooperation, the competition week model has been developed in alignment with China’s priorities relating to the ongoing economic reform process. Competition Summer School : It’s a professional on-campus training programme at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. This provided an opportunity for the Chinese AMEAs with theoretical training and case studies of EU competition policy. It aims to strengthen EU-China cooperation and exchanges in the field of competition policy and enforcement Competition Visitors' Programme : In the past, Chinese AMEA officials have been invited to carry out a visitor programme in the European Union. The visitor is hosted by DG Competition in Brussels for a very short while and for the rest of the assignment the Chinese official will live and work in an EU Member State (language requirements apply) hosted by the national competition authority. The objective of this contract is to contribute to the process of convergence between the EU and China in the area of competition policy.

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