The EC Thematic Programme “Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development” co-finances initiatives proposed and carried out by Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities from the European Union and its partner countries in the area of development. Among two other objectives, the Programme aims at Development Education and Raising Awareness (DEAR) in the EU member States and acceding countries. The overall objective of DEAR is to contribute to the eradication of poverty and to the promotion of sustainable development through public awareness raising and education approaches and activities that are based on values of human rights, social responsibility, gender equality, and a sense of belonging to one world. It also focused on ideas and understandings of the disparities in human living conditions,efforts to overcome such disparities and on participation in democratic actions that influence social, economic, political or environmental situations that affect poverty and sustainable development. AETS’s DEAR Support Team supported the European Commission in further developing its strategic DEAR policy, in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of DEAR projects and ensuring that the European Commission is recognised as a point of excellence regarding DEAR. The specific objectives of the project were: • To contribute to further develop the EC DEAR policy, making it more strategic, effective and efficient • To develop and implement a policy of capacity building for EC DEAR stakeholders. • To develop and implement a process of capitalisation (lessons learned and good practices identified and applied) from past and on-going DEAR EC-funded projects. • To conceive, create and animate a space (in reality and virtually) for networking of the European Commission with EC DEAR projects, Member States representatives, National platform representatives, stakeholders and academia. • To support the European Commission in strengthening its cooperation and networking between the Member States’ representatives responsible for DEAR and the DEAR Stakeholders. • To improve the visibility of DEAR Programme establishing and updating a mailing list with EC DEAR projects, academic, DEAR stakeholders, MS representatives responsible for DEAR, contact persons in National Platforms and EC staff as well as editing a quarterly journal of EC DEAR news.

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