Euromed Migration II was a regional project whose aim was to contribute to the development of a Euro-Mediterranean area of cooperation on migration as well as to strengthen cooperation in the management of migration so as to build up the ENPI South partners' capacity to provide an effective, targeted and comprehensive solution for the various forms of migration. It came about as the successor of a first regional project Euromed Migration I which aimed to monitor, analyze and forecast migratory movement, its causes and its impact in Europe and the Mediterranean partner countries and also to assist governments and other bodies of these countries in their migration policy. Operationally, Euromed Migration II offered: the creation of working groups trainings sessions and study visits in the form of "on-the-job" visits to the EU specialized authorities. In addition, 2 research studies were conducted. A project website for the Euro-Med Migration community was also created. Its target groups were officials and representatives of civil society involved in the formulation and implementation of migration policy. Both South-South and North-South relations were addressed. Since systematic and timely evaluation of its programmes is a priority of the European Commission the main objectives of this AETS evaluation are to be accountable and to provide the relevant external co-operation services of the European Union and the wider public with an overall independent assessment of the Euromed Migration II project, its delivery by the contractor as well its overall performance. The focus is on the results and impact of these programmes against a background of greater concentration of external co-operation and an increasing emphasis on result-oriented approaches. AETS experts will identify key lessons and recommendations in order to inform and improve the current and future European Union's strategies and programmes.

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