The BOMCA programme aims to address the challenges of fragmentation and support the development of harmonized and coordinated modern border management methods at the regional level, improve cross-border cooperation, and facilitate the legal trade & transit across the borders of Central Asian (CA) countries. The main component of BOMCA is capacity development for Integrated Border Management (IBM) through training and exposure to European best practices of IBM for all agencies involved in border management. BOMCA has 6 principle beneficiary entities – border guards, customs administration, state drug agency and the three controlling bodies involved in border management (phytosanitary, veterinary and sanitaryquarantine). Eight phases of BOMCA were implemented so far, with a total budget of 33.5 MEUR. Against this background, AETS was contracted to draft the Identification and Action Fiches for the next phase 9 of Border Management for Central Asia (BOMCA 9) to commence in 2014.

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