To contribute with specific expertise to the drafting of both Identification and Action Fiches of the Central Asia Drug Action Programme, necessary for the programming and designing the 6th consecutive phase of the programme. - To study the present state of play (data supported) in reducing drug demand in each Central Asian country and the region as a whole, notably main challenges and opportunities, and the corresponding national policies, profiles of main stakeholders and their capacity to address the problem; - To review efforts by donor community (complementary projects and synergies) to reduce drug demand in the region; - To follow up on activities and requests for action by stakeholders in previous CADAP phases (including lessons learned and possibilities of build-up) and assess the present and updated needs of the region for the next 6th phase of the programme; - In accordance with the above, and in collaboration with the CADAP task manager, to formulate general and specific objectives of the programme (including rationales of intervention), necessary activities and corresponding expected results of the action, identify most suitable action target groups, as well as possible risks and assumptions. EU strategic documents such as the "Regional Strategy Paper for Assistance to Central Asia for the period 2007-2013", the "EU Central Asia Indicative programme", the “European Union Drugs Strategy 2005-2012” and most notably "Action plan on Drugs between the EU and Central Asian republics" should be taken into close consideration; - To identify cross-cutting issues (governance, gender equality and child rights, etc.) and possible approaches to addressing these through CADAP phase 6.   - To search for possible innovative and more flexible frameworks and mechanisms for cooperation and coordination at regional and national levels (international cooperation between state authorities and agencies, inter-agency consolidation of efforts, academic and professional cooperation and exchange, just to name a few), which remains one of the weakest links at present.

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