In the northern part of Cyprus, participation in civil society, defined as: “the space between families, government and the market, where people associate in order to promote common interests”, remains limited. Whereas a significant proportion of Turkish Cypriots belong to a Civil Society organisation, volunteerism is fairly low. This represents a challenge for a healthy structure of civil society is the exclusion of significant social groups such as minorities, poor people and workers. Whereas citizen participation suggests potential for growth, the low diversity of participants, weak level of organisation, inadequate resources and rivalry between various organisations are problematic for the long term growth and sustainability of civil society in the Turkish Cypriot community. From January 2013 till April 2013 a comprehensive impact assessment was conducted by an independent team of Experts on past EU support to civil society under "civil society in action" and "people to people" programmes. This evaluation was contracted by the European Commission in order to review the programme priorities to better respond to the needs of both the population and civil society actors before launching a new "Civil Society in Action" grant scheme. FWC 2013/326560 v 1 Page 4 of 13 Based on the findings of this evaluation and on various roundtables organised with Civil society in the Turkish Cypriot community end of 2012/early 2013, a 4th call for proposals for Civil Society was planned and allocated. In order to duly achieve the overall objective, it is requested technical assistance with relevant knowledge and expertise in the fields of Civil Society Organization’s capacity building, political dialogue and advocacy, environment and human rights, since these are the priorities identified by the Call for proposals. Concept Notes and Full Application Forms will be focused on those sectors. The assessors should have experience and knowledge on PRAG procedures (2013) regarding grant contracts and calls for proposals.

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