The thematic programme ‘Investing in People’ pursues a broad approach to development and poverty reduction, with the general aim of improving human and social development levels in partner countries in accordance with the United Nations Millennium Declaration and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Under the above Programme, the European Commission has decided to launch the Call for proposals "Empowerment for better livelihoods, including skills development and vocational education and training, for marginalised and vulnerable persons and people dependent on the informal economy". Civil Society Organizations are invited to submit projects that meet the eligible criteria for financing. The global objective is to contribute to the elimination of poverty and social exclusion of people dependent on the informal economy and other vulnerable groups. This will be achieved by fulfilling the following objectives: 1. Support for the enhancement of livelihoods of people dependent on the informal economy, including skills development and vocational and education training and support to initiatives aimed at developing self-employment and job creation/improvement. 2. Support for the social inclusion of vulnerable groups through access to basic social services. AETS has been retained to assist the European Commission to produce high quality assessments of proposals for recommendations for funding Assessments will be based on sound and informed judgment and will follow the Guidelines for the call. AETS will ensure objectivity and impartiality of the analysis.

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