Tunisia has become a member of the WTO since 1995, partner of European Union since 1996 and founding member of a free trade zone between Arab and Mediterranean States since 2004. As a consequence, efforts for development and to meet the standards of economic activities intensified, in order to achieve the challenges of liberalization. In addition to the Upgrading Program for Services (PMNS) and the programs in the fields of donors services in Tunisia, a financing agreement for the project “Support to Competitiveness the Service Sector” (PACS) was signed in 2012. The general objective of the PACS is to enhance the upgrade of the services sector in Tunisia, in order to reveal the current challenges of the country, in particular in the field of economic growth and regional development. The general coordination of the project is led by the Ministry of Development, Investment and International Cooperation. The control and the implementation of the overall programme is done under the responsibility of the Ministry of Commerce. The general objective of this contract is to support the Program Support Unit (PSU) to ensure the best management as possible of the PACS programme by the PSU at the Ministry of Commerce (MC) and consolidate the knowledge transfer at the MC. The specific objectives of this assignment are the following: -Assist the PSU and the beneficiaries to formulate their needs, program, budget and mobilize the support action in terms of supply and service contracts; -Provide a support to the PSU regarding the definition of a technical and financial internal monitoring system for the Programme and set up a detailed communication and visibility strategy. -Ensure a transfer of know-how towards the employees of the PSU and the beneficiaries ministries of the PACS, inducing in the CEPEX (Tunisian Export Promotion Center); -Support with specific expertise the work of technical evaluation committees, in several fields, in particular in the health sector.

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