In recent years, agricultural exports to developed country markets have emerged as a potential major source of export growth for Rwanda. The capacity of developing country exporters to enter these markets depends critically on their ability to meet stringent export market requirements mainly related to safety and quality standards during production, processing and other postharvest handling logistics and services such as traceability. In this context, the specialized export quality infrastructures will be upgraded so as to improve quality standards of export commodities. As the capacity to meet market standards grows, the greater market shares will be captured. The “Technical assistance to support the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB)'s capacity to upgrade the specialised export quality infrastructures » includes assisting in production of required modules to fill the skill gaps identified and is being discussed and agreed with concerned stakeholders before implementation. It aims to ensure standardisation and harmonisation with other quality standards with regards to market requirement. The current main export markets requirement together with other potential markets are being considered (whether regional, European Union, United States and Asian). One of the main focuses of the project is to assist NAEB in the accreditation of labs according to the International Standard (ISO/IEC 17025:2005). For achieving this, the project is being implemented in different phases as follow: • Need assessment at all levels; whether skills, infrastructures, equipment or services with reference to market requirements; • Formulation of technical specifications of laboratory equipment that will be procured and other required facilities, services, systems, skills and capacity to fill the assessed gaps; • Coaching, training and mentorship towards certification and accreditation of NAEB laboratory.

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