The Subject Mission enabled the AETS Team to meet with Government Officials, Trade Bodies, and Commercial Banks to effect a Diagnostic of circa 20 EIB intermediary Commercial Bank and Microfinance Banks TA needs relating to the full and creditworthy consuming of the EIB's Private Enterprise Finance Facility and Micro Finance Credit Lines targeting M/SMEs in 4 EAC Countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda) which presently total some EUR 450 mln. Based on an analysis of field data and interviews, TA needs were identified in three areas or Components: Training in • Credit Risk Management Procedures, • Lending and Funding Operations • Bank Branch Operations • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting • IT and Accounting Systems • SME Marketing Staff Mentoring Consulting (in the FIBs/MFIs), and Outreach initiatives to reach the M/SME and MF community. Clear needs exist in: • Component 1: training the FIB/MFIs in FL Allocation Requests, and basic credit skills, • Component 2: internal organisational strengthening via training and consulting), together estimated at some 30-40 actions, to be confirmed during the project inception phase. • Component 3: Outreach initiatives to FBs need to be assessed and configured during the TA inception phase in function of needs and judicious allocation of the project resource envelope but may be estimated at some 16 outreach events.

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