The overall objective of this mission is to strengthen the skills of the CEPEX team, and other network members forming the consortium EEN-Tunisia; forming teams for managing the EEN. The ultimate goal should strengthen the potential of this network and providing all Tunisian companies the vast opportunities it offers in terms of trade and technological cooperation. The specific objectives of this mission are: • Improve knowledge of the tools proposed by the MERLIN platform (which supports the information within the EEN) within the CEPEX team and other members of the consortium EEN-Tunisia; to become familiar with the services offered by the Enterprise Europe Network. • Strengthen query processing capacity and monitoring the responses of partners support structures and / or companies addressing the CEPEX and other members of the consortium EEN-Tunisia. • Inform Tunisian enterprises of the opportunities offered by the Enterprise Europe Network through the EEN-Tunisia consortium. • Sustaining the network activities within the CEPEX by transferring know-how to the staff of the various assistance programs. • Ensure synergy between CEPEX as a member of the EEN-Tunisian consortium and its local and regional partners (regional offices, CCI, associations, etc.) in order to ensure better regional coverage throughout the country and all sectors of the opportunities offered by the EEN.

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