the overall objective of the project is to facilitate a further integration of Indonesia into the international trade system, by  - Improving co-ordination and transparency in the process for formulation and implementation of trade policy related to export development - Upgrading the quality infrastructure that supports Indonesia's access to international markets The Consultant, through the establishment of a Technical Assistance Team (TAT), is supporting the Indonesian Programme Director and the implementation team in the achievement of the Trade Support Programme results, which are as follows: - Improved GoI capacity to formulate and implement trade policy related to EQI - Integrated and transparent trade policy processes for EQI - Defined strategic road map for EQI enhancement - Clarified institutional arrangements for EQI - Strengthened standardisation and accreditation agencies, recognised internationally - Upgraded export quality control and testing institutions, collaborating with international counterparts - Better understanding and knowledge about international standards and quality requirements by Indonesian SMEs - Improved export capabilities of SMEs, leading to increased exports in selected sectors

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