This project is operated under the aegis of DIVECO 2 and aims "to improve the vocational training system for fisheries and aquaculture and to upgrade the services concerned with a view to ensuring better training/employment and strengthening the capacities of the institutions and bodies in charge of the management, development and support of the sector, with a view to improving production systems, exports and practices ". the project specifically targets to strengthen and modernize training schemes in the fisheries and aquaculture sector and to support the improvement of production systems, particularly in the aquaculture sector. The three main expected results are: • Result 1: Analyses and adaptation of the training programmes and teaching methods of the training institutions of the MADRP (Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries) for improving the employability in the fisheries and aquaculture sector. This result will be achieved by carrying out a pedagogical engineering study in the marine and aquaculture trades and adopting a concerted approach to adapting the vocational training system of the MADRP; • Result 2: Development and implementation of a multi-year training plan for MADRP’s fisheries and aquaculture staff and agencies under its supervision. This will be achieved by providing methodological support and practical guidance to the MARDP in designing, monitoring and evaluating the results of the multiannual training plan specific to the fisheries and aquaculture sector; • Result 3: Strengthening the capacity of sector support institutions (MADRP, training institutions, CNDRPA and chambers), organisations and enterprises through specific analysis, accompaniment and training. This will be achieved by implementing specific training and technical assistance activities that meet the needs identified by the DIVECO 2 programme and the beneficiary actors.

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