The overall objective of this project is part of the partnership process between the Kingdom of Morocco and the European Union (EU) and aims here to contribute to the improvement of the business climate in Morocco. The CNEA (National Committee for the Business Environment) is a committee chaired by the Head of Government, whose mission is to propose to the government measures likely to improve the environment and the legal framework of business, to coordinate the implementation and to assess the impact on the sectors concerned. To build a strategy and its operational plan, the CNEA must identify the real constraints to entrepreneurship and the private sector in Morocco; in other words, provide tools for diagnostics and periodic updates for the feedback of grievances, complaints and observations of companies from the field: the establishment of an inventory and changes in the business climate are prerequisites for developing a strategy. More specifically, it was a matter of providing technical assistance to: 1. Develop and implement a barometer on the business climate, enabling the CNEA to collect all reliable information on the real situation and the perception of business leaders in terms of business climate and develop a relevant strategy, in line with the expectations of stakeholders; 2. Develop and set up an electronic CNEA exchange platform - business leaders, thus reinforcing Public-Private Dialogue (PPD).

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