The overall objective of the programme is to “Strengthen the competitiveness of West Africa and enhance the countries’ integration into the Regional and International trading system.” The specific objectives are: 1) Improve the performance, growth and contribution to industry, regional trade and exports of selected value chains; and 2) To improve the climate for business and national and regional levels. The focus of this assignment will be on four value chains which were identified previously through the stakeholders meeting on the EU – Nigeria Trade and Competitiveness Project. a) Nigerian Ginger: judged as the best quality worldwide available, but does not meet any international standard due to very poor in country processing facilities. b) Tomatoes/Pepper: just a few emerging out growers and in country processors available. c) Garments: more than 90 % of Nigerian textile consumption is being imported, mainly from China. d) Skin, hide and leather; due to bad quality of local hides and high processing costs; local manufacturers cannot compete with leather goods imported from China.

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