The EU Single Strategic Framework 2014-15 for Egypt acknowledges the importance of inclusive and equitable economic growth as a stabilising force within the transitional phase in the country. The Government of Egypt and its stakeholders have requested that improving entrepreneurship and strengthening the legal and regulatory framework for conducting business are among the focal areas to be supported under the EU NIP for 2014-15. Global objective of this assignment is to contribute to developing a comprehensive and co-ordinated framework in Egypt for SME support by assisting the EU Delegation and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and SMEs as well as the Ministry of International Co-operation and their respective stakeholders, including the private sector in the formulation of a new support initiative in the field of business environment and entrepreneurship. Specific objective for this assignment is to a) assist the Ministry and the EU Delegation in formulating a project proposal (using logical framework approach) in the field of business environment and entrepreneurship to support the internal decision making process for allocating funding for the initiative in 2015; as well as to b) support the parties in ensuring early implementation of the new initiative by providing assistance in drafting documentation required for commencing project implementation.

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