Papua New Guinea (PNG) has been experiencing 13 consecutive years of economic expansion, with an average GDP growth of 6 % per year, maintaining its positions as one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and in the Pacific. While the country is already engaged into several major trade agreements, including a free trade agreement with the EU (ratified in 2011), there is not yet a coherent trade policy. In a view to strengthen the potential for trade growth in PNG, the EU approved the start of a second phase of the Trade Related assistance Programme (TRA-2), which is supposed to contribute to the achievement of the following result areas : 1)Effective support in institutional reforms with trade instituions strengthened to efficiently perform their mandate; 2)PNG National Trade Policy and international trade agenda are supported in view of being effectively implemented by the Government; 3)PNG customs and standardisation / quality compliance bodies are supported in view of being strengthened to support trade facilitation address the following. The global objective is to provide short term TA to the trade division of the department of Trade Commerce and Industry. The trade division is currently understaffed and its capacity needs to be strengthened. The specific objective is to support the preparation and the successful implementation of key activities of the trade division.

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