The IPA assistance to BiH’s regional Economic, SME and Tourism development stimulates the economic growth and employment generation in competitive sectors, hereby contributing to sustainable economic development. A series of projects were implemented under IPA 2007 and IPA 2008 programmes in the Economic Development Sector and a list of selected projects must be assessed by the team of experts. The specific objectives of this self-evaluation exercise were: • To assess relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the EU assistance provided through the selected projects. • To assess the success of adaptation of the regional economic development model in BiH to the SMEs needs • To assess the extent of adaptation of the targeted support to the local development structures (Regional Development Agencies - RDA, SME Support Agency – RARS, Local Development Agency – LDA) towards achieving the objectives of the EU assistance • To provide the guidelines for the follow-up self-evaluation process for the series of SMEs and local economic development related projects implemented by the EUD in BiH from the currently implemented IPA programme.

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