The overall objective of this assessment is to contribute to the EU efforts to help the Government of Jordan increase income opportunities and employment, promote women and youth social economic inclusion, and facilitate economic development in disadvantaged regions. The specific objective is to assess the relevance, feasibility and suitability of the proposed benchmarks for 3rd and 4th tranche and where necessary propose alternatives. The AETS Consortium provided the following inputs: - To review benchmarks for the disbursement of the 3rd and 4th tranches in the light of the assessment of the performance of the 2nd tranche, including their sources of verification and scoring methodology; - To revise and update all benchmarks and specify clearly sources of verification. Benchmarks should be clear, relevant and unlikely to become obsolete before the end of the project. The way in which/documents through which each benchmark is supposed to be verified was also included in the matrix; - To revise and update the scoring methodology. For each benchmark the expert clarified how to calculate the relative amount to be disbursed. The scoring methodology was unequivocal and where relevant foresaw the possibility of partial disbursements in case the benchmarks were not fully met; - To ensure consistency of all programme documents.

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