The overall objective of the project consisted of supporting EUREP and the Palestinian Authority with the design of programs related to private sector development in the West Bank and in Gaza in line with the EU Joint Strategy 2017-2020 and with the PA economic sector strategy 2017-2022. The specific objective of the assignment is the Identification of a project pipeline fostering inclusive SME and industrial development, green economy and competitiveness of Palestine. The assignment was divided into two major phases with the first being a comprehensive assessment of the environment for creating new projects that can transcend the major constraints relevant to Palestine. Ownership by local stakeholders and other donors and actors was ensured through information gathering and validation through approximately six workshops in total in both the West Bank and Gaza during both phases of the assignment. The second phase of the assignment essentially comprised a pre-feasibility stage of project programming where potential EU project interventions are screened using a variety of criteria, some of which have already been specified. Other criteria for project assessment were developed during the course of the missions and reflected the findings and observations from Phase 1 analysis and stakeholder meetings.

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