The project’s objective was to disseminate best practices for TRACES use, improving knowledge of this system and ensuring consistent and high implementation standards across the EU. TRACES is a veterinary and sanitary network which controls movement, import and export of live animals and animal products in Europe. It stands for "Trade Control and Expert System", this acronym enhances the traceability aspect which constitutes the core element of the system and is a key factor of food safety. Decision 2003/623/EC provides the legal basis for the development of TRACES.Decision 2004/292/EC requires Member States to use TRACES to comply with the objectives of traceability for all traded and imported live animals, semen and embryos and products of animal origin The contract aimed to organise and implement 6 training sessions, of which 3 three-days sessions on TRACES use at import; and 3 trhee-days sessions on TRACES use in intra-EU trade.

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