Trade and transport liberalization has been at the core of the Jordanian government’s policy mandate of opening up the economy to foreign trade and attracting investment. A National Committee for Facilitation of Transport and Trade (NCFTT) was formed in 2005 in line with ESCWA (UN-Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia). As a means of supporting the Jordanian government’s policy on economic development and growth and the need to modernize the transport sector, a Trade and Transport Facilitation Programme (TTF) was designed and signed in December 2009 between the EU and the Government of Jordan. The TTF is a 33 M EUR Financing Agreement which implementation period will end in December 2015. The overall objective of the TTF is to contribute to Jordan’s integration into the global economy by reducing trade-related costs and developing a multi-modal transport sector that maximises efficiency, is environmentally sustainable and substantially improves Jordan’s export competitiveness. Since 2010, a team of short term experts was mobilized annually in order to assess progress in the achievement of the agreed matrix of reform benchmarks. The subject of the present assignment is the monitoring of the pending reform benchmarks in the matrix during 2015 (the last year of the programme). The specific objective of this assignment is to provide an objective assessment of the degree of achievement of the pending Reform Benchmarks in the TTF policy matrix (including the relevant compliance verification documents), for the purposes of disbursing the balance budget support in 2015.

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