The TRAQUE programme, launched in January 2011 and amended in December 2013, is targeting to further increase the institutional capacities to develop and implement the national trade policy. It includes two specific objectives: 1. Improvement of the trade capacity and performance of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and other relevant government agencies 2. Support the national quality policy and the related National Quality Infrastructure. The Midterm evaluation (which was more quite a final evaluation because the end of the project is foreseen in July 2017) should provide the decision-makers in the government of Ghana and the external cooperation services of the European Commission the following information: - an independant assessment about the past performance of the project - identification of the key lessons and recommandations for the implementation and follow-up of the project - assessment of the value-for-money - determination of the real efficiency of the project. - determine whether the project is being implemented in an efficient and effective way The midterm evaluation was to ensure that the Programme Components are being executed in accordance with the stipulated conditions and the desired benefits have been achieved. The beneficiaries of the evaluation are the Government of Ghana through the National Authorising Officer (NAO) of the European Development Fund and the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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