In the framework of 10th EDF, the UE and the Republic of Congo set the Programme on Trade and Entrepreneurship Capacity Building (PRCCE). In the context of component 2 of this program PRCEE, “Support to improve the business climate”, the need to create an institution of settlement of the trade disputes, already expressed by the private sector during the technical diagnostic of the project, is explicitly a strong recommendation. Thus, the first phase of the PRCCE prepared the creation of this institution. The technical assistance prepared the founding text of Congo Center of Arbitration and Mediation (CEMACO): the articles, the rules of procedure, the rules of mediation and arbitration, the code of ethics and the fee structure. Meanwhile, the project trained mediators and arbitrators and has established a development plan for the CEMACO. CEMACO is an entity which branches are a part of Chambers of Commerce and that ensure its institutional anchoring, given the nature of its structure to business support and its national level of action. However, CEMACO remains totally independent in the daily management, as well as in the administration of the mediation and arbitration processes. The general objective is to improve the legal and judicial certainty of commercial transaction, by setting up a complementary tool of access to the commercial justice, which will contribute to the improvement of the business climate in the country. The specific objective is to assist the Chamber of Commerce at Pointe Noire and to reinforce the capacities of Center of Arbitration and Mediation, with the aim to allow the economic stakeholders to settle in an efficient and quick way, the disputes that affect their transactions.

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