The Caribbean Overseas Countries and Territories, classified as "small islands economies" or "micro-economies", enjoy a large panel of key sectors such as tourism, financial services, minerals, fuel, fish and some local selected food productions. The private sector is mostly made up of SMEs which structure suits with the sectors demands. However, the limited sized of these companies also constitutes obstacles for competitiveness and therefore for a regional and more extensive development of their activities. In this framework, the Europeand Union decided to support the small and medium enterprises throught the COSME programme (Strengthening the Development of SMEs in the Carribean OCTs). Our consortium has been contracted to carry out two of the specific objectives of the COSME programme consisting in: - Improving the policy, legislative and administrative framework for SMEs to establish and conduct business in the Caribbean OCTs - Improving capacity of business support organisations to deliver the necessary services to their members and to engage in dialogue with government - Improving competitiveness of SMEs participating in the programme. Thus, 3 key experts have been engaged: - Team Leader specialised in SME Policy - SMEs Support Services Expert - SME Development Expert In addition to these long term assignments, the Key experts team will be supported by a team of Short Term Experts.

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