TraceShrimp is an inter-operators traceability data exchange device for the Thai Shrimp supply chain. The system focuses on the capture of data necessary to follow the product from one link in the supply chain to the next such that traceability is established through all stages of production, processing and distribution. Moreover, even if TraceShrimp does not focus on internal traceability, it makes an incentive for the stakeholders to improve internal traceability. TraceShrimp provides a secure, automated product tracking and confidential online data exchange between operators in Thailand and in the countries of exportation. TraceShrimp can be used to record, review and report supply chain traceability data. Data report can be found thanks to an invoice number, a delivery bill number, a product lot number or an event date (date of purchase, or production, etc.). Data can also be transferred from TraceShrimp data base to any other client or partners database. The multi-lingual application 24/7/365 service can be easily used without any software to download or integrate with the company application without data recapture. There is even no need of investment in new hardware or software. TraceShrimp is an easy way to comply with regulations and private standards from the countries of exportation, facilitates quick and simple reporting if ever a product recall is needed. TraceShrimp enhances the paper based traceability in Thailand (Fry Movement Document and Movement Document) and also helps on supply chain data management and standardization. Certification organizations cannot effectively promote and defend their certification process while inspecting product traceability conformance across multiple data formats from multiple systems across multiple producer, species or product categories. TraceShrimp’s members include feed producers, hatcheries, nurseries, farms, shrimp distributors, processors, exporters/importers and retailers. The users are mainly the customers in the exportation countries so they can learn about the quality standards all along the supply chain up to the feed given to the fry and the shrimp.

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