AETS has received the EC mandate to carry out an ex-post Evaluation of the “Private Sector Development Programme” (PSD14) a €14M Programme launched by the EC in 2009 to address the constraints of the private sector in Lebanon, including a lack of well-functioning business enabling environment, lack of competitiveness of the Lebanese enterprises, a weak national Quality Infrastructure and a poor business ecosystem. The global objective of this evaluation was to assess its overall performance to date, to identify key lessons learnt and make recommendations, thus helping the EU Delegation with the identification of future assistance. The final evaluation included, but it was not limited to, the following specific objectives: • To evaluate the relevance and the overall impact of the programme, taking into consideration the specificity and needs of the country; • To measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the programme by assessing on how far the intended outputs and results were achieved, in particular in terms of benefits for the beneficiaries, notably those having received grants from the EU (e.g. Business Development Centers; beneficiaries of the innovation vouchers); • To assess the performance and sustainability of the Business Development Centers (BIAT; Berytech- Including the Beirut Creative Cluster- and SoutBic), taking into account the Lebanese ecosystem. To this end the expert met with direct beneficiaries of the BDC (enterprises; entrepreneurs and start-up); • To assess the synergy and complementarity with other Donors’ similar projects; • To assess the added-value of the EU intervention in this sector; • To provide recommendations for future assistance and future ident

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