The high growth rate of the GDP in the ACP area during the two last decades has revealed the development potential of the private sector in the ACP area. The 10th EDF Intra-ACP Strategy Paper foresees the implementation of a EUR 30 Million initiative for private-sector development. The financing agreement signed between the EC and the ACP secretariat on the 13/0/2010 earmarks EUR 10Million for the financing of the BizClim programme, a facility aiming at enhancing economic growth and reducing poverty in ACP countries through the setting up of an enabling environment. The programme’s overall objective is contributing to enhancing economic growth in ACP countries by means of fostering an enabling environment for private sector development in ACP countries and regions with the ultimate objective of poverty reduction. The Programme’s Purpose consists in promoting reforms related to the enabling environment of the private sector in ACP countries and regions in terms of policy, legislation and financial measures. The Programme’s specific objective is to improve legislation, the institutionak setyp and financial measures in ACP countries.

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