Following the recommendation of the 31st Session of Asia and Pacific Fisheries Commission (APFIC), FAO and Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA) jointly conducted a regional study & expert workshop on adoption of Aquaculture Assessment (planning and Management) tools in Asia and Pacific region. The regional study/workshop concluded that lack of harmonized and practically application planning and management tools is one of the major constraints limiting the adoption of such planning & management tools in the region. It was recommended that FAO and NACA should make effort in supporting the development of standardized and practically applicable planning and management toolkit to support sustainable aquaculture development in the region. The recommendation was endorsed by the 32nd Session of APFIC and other regional consultation. To follow-up on the recommendation, FAORAP has secured the needed resource to support the development of regional aquaculture planning & management toolkit in collaboration with NACA. It was decided that the toolkit will cover the following areas: • Environment & resource use: EIA (environment + Ecological) and Zonation/siting; • Biosecurity & food safety: Disease Risk analysis, input quality & Reside monitoring, HACCP, disease surveillance, aquaculture Certification, BMP/GAP • Socioeconomic responsibility: socioeconomic performance assessment The modality and timetable of the activity is tentatively planned below: • Framework development through an expert workshop (2 day in late June or early July 2013): determine the scope and template, consistency and uniformity of the tools to be developed; • Development of individual tool by individual expert (July-October 2013) • Harmonization of individual tools and assemble the tools into a toolkit through a 3 day expert workshop in November 2013 (subject to the final approval FAORAP management to the proposed additional budget, will most likely be approved) • A 3 day Regional consultation for revision and finalization of the toolkit right after the expert workshop in November 2013 took place • Present the toolkit to the 33rd APFIC Session & 5th RCFM (June 2014) for endorsement and recommended adoption by the member countries in the region

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