The overall objective of the Capacity-Building Initiative for Trade Development (CITD) is to support India in strengthening its capacity to achieve economic growth and sustainable development, and ultimately poverty reduction, through further integration into the global trading system. Lot 1 contributes to the CITD overall objective by increasing the safety and quality of products, and by reducing costs and impediments to trade. The purpose of this lot is twofold: To enhance capacity of India’s trade-related regulatory institutions and enforcement systems in order to meet international standards and requirements and business needs; To support India’s trade-related training institutions in strengthening their capacities. Three main results are expected by the CITD Lot 1 in the ares of food safety, technical regulations and customs: Food Safety:Improved food safety standards and increased capacity of SPS government agencies for export certification, testing, accreditation, conformity assessment, risk management and safety/quality standards enforcement throughout the food export value chain; in particular institutional capacity of the Indian Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSA) increased to be in line with international standards. Technical regulations: Strengthened capacity and transparency of the Indian technical regulatory agencies in the areas of industrial standards, technical regulations, product safety and quality management, product cycle risk management, as well as in support to compliance with REACH requirements in the chemical and related sectors. Customs: Enhanced knowledge and capacity of customs regulatory and training institutions to implement more efficiently Indian customs procedures in line with international best practices to set up a post clearance audit (PCA) function in Indian Customs and strengthen the capacity to implement it.

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