The overall objective is to support the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) in the implementation of industry and trade related components of the revised EU-Jordan Action Plan. The project mainly focuses on enhancing the institutional capacities of trade and industrial policy related directorates at MIT; namely: Industrial Property Protection, Foreign Trade Policy & Relations, National Production Protection, Commercial Registry, Competition, Industrial Development, Economic Policies, and Consumer Protection. Moreover, it should assist in modernizing relevant pieces of legislation and strategies in a manner commensurate with best practice. The project will provide assistance in formulating strategies and policies, upgrade legislation, increase public awareness on certain policies and training. In view of an increased ownership and sustainability of the project intervention, the intended general approach of the project will be to provide on-the-job support, therefore avoiding substituting itself to the MIT services, but rather supporting them in doing the work. The following are the expected results: • Improved policy and analytical tools for the trade and industry directorates at MIT • Improved human capital through a better technically trained staff at relevant directorates • Enhanced efficiency of the relevant directorates through streamlined procedures and IT applications • Greater public awareness of Intellectual Property Rights, Competition and Consumer Protection highlighting their impact on economic welfare

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