The AL-Invest Programme has been facilitating the internationalisation of Latin American small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through the development of a network of Latin American and European business organisations providing business services and technical assistance. Building upon previous phases, Phase IV has sought to promote social cohesion and support regional integration by supporting internationalisation processes for SMEs whose participation in foreign markets can result in benefits for local development as well as closer relations among Latin American countries. As such, AL-Invest IV’s implementation strategy was as follows: • To benefit SMEs that directly participate in funded activities (micro level); • To improve support instruments and SME development policies of the business organisations interested in the programme (meso level); • To contribute to SME internationalisation and consolidation processes that in turn improve local development in the communities concerned (macro level). AETS’s brief is to undertake a final evaluation of the AL-Invest IV programme based on the OECD-DAC criteria of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, a preliminary assessment of impact and an assessment of EC added value. This will inform the Commission’s future decisions regarding its cooperation with Latin America – especially in the 2014-2020 programming context. The specific objectives of this assignment are the following: • Evaluate the programme’s concept, its implementation and management mechanism; • Assessment of the appropriateness of the programme’s design and methodology; • Assessment of the capacity of the different implementing actors and the performance of the Technical Assistance; • Provide a typology of MSMEs in Latin America (strengths, weaknesses, common value potentials, difficulties faced).

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